Where the body goes the mind follows

If we know that nearly all of our politicians are corrupt, incompetent, and otherwise sociopathic who just follow orders from their party head rather than keep promises to constituents, one must follow the logic to its most probable conclusion. And the conclusion is that the candidates are presented to the people. Then the people elect one of the two pre-screened candidates presented by the two “separate” parties. The new candidate elect then goes off to cut deals and insider trade since it’s legal for them and care not about what the people say…since it’s easy to make up an excuse that the average stupid voter would believe since they are looking for a savior. You won a few, you “lost” a few…but not few enough to not get re-elected. This is really how this kind of person thinks, most of the time. Remember that it’s usually “asshole” is really the one who will tell you the truth, even if the truth is something that you may want to hear. We’ve seen this before.

Every scale is supposed to measure two opposite extremes. You cannot have Communists on the “left” and Nazi’s on the “right”, when both are far left. So seeing as how our Democrats are Communists and would have enslaved and killed most of us by now if it wasn’t for the 2nd Amendment and our Republicans are indeed composed of Hitler-like individuals who are not only war criminals, by definition, but are also criminally insane. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush Jr? Can you get any more sociopathic than these three? Again, there would be Nazi style ethnic and political cleansing if it wasn’t for the Militias quietly protecting the people by making sure that they are armed. And yes men, if you are between the ages 18-45 you are in the Militia BY LAW. Read the Constitution, especially those who took an oath to defend and protect it. Luckily this is what record numbers of people are apparently doing since the factories cannot keep up.

So we, as a people, continue to allow Communists and Fascists into all branches of government. It is impossible to be more fooled than you are now, should you disagree with what I’m saying here. Unless you can show me documented proof that I’m wrong here, I’ll be the first one to be thankful. But you can’t since this is a case of “it is what it is”. So for those who STILL think I’m crazy, after all that you’ve seen happen as well as that feeling that you cannot shake, when you are alone, that something isn’t quite right. It’s ok to admit it to yourself since most people are not so dead inside that they cannot feel it even if they don’t understand what they are feeling.

There is an enormous infection in the United States of America. The infection is Socialism. It has taken over the minds of a large % of Americans who continue to vote even when, as stated in the Constitution that it’s NOT the people who get to elect the President. Any good lawyer knows this…a large % of them are Socialists themselves and won’t admit this unless you press them on it. Americans are hopelessly entitled and ignorant as a whole. And I say this not as a comparison. The whole world is a mess. We do not have an economy that can handle what is now approaching 8 billion people. Do I believe that the problems can be fixed and turned around? Of course I do. But that’s because I’m an “idea man” who is a pure Anarcho-Capitalist. But I cannot since, you see, if I want to make a sustainable world I’d have to cut the budget by 90%. I’m not just pulling that number out of my ass…and this is what I consider to be a compromise. If you Americans reading this don’t do your part to wake people up, we are seriously screwed. I’m doing my part by writing this now.

Look at the graph of the National Debt. It is nearly exponential now. How much longer do you think that this can go on? Weeks? Months? A year maximum? Once growth of debt becomes exponential it is no longer “if”…it is “when”…and “SOON”.

The think about what I am saying and just prepare on a personal level. Invest wisely and don’t be greedy. Keep your operations mobile and able to be converted or retrofitted. Aggressively learn new skills. This should be self-evident since your entrepreneurial skills will explode. Just be an idea force.

And get in shape if you suspect that you could push harder. I work 14 hours per day most of the time at a minium so if I can do it so can you. The reason this is so crystal clear is because where the body goes, the mind follows and then vice-versa…in that order. You really don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. Did you understand that as spontaneously as I wrote it and without error? A couple of you did…but the rest of you reading this tripped over that sentence as well as many of the other ones….or got stuck and had to think about it. A few people quit reading because their nose was bleeding already…and I’m referring more to native-English speakers quitting simply because they’ve been trained to be lazy when it comes to original thought.

How did we get this far gone? The whole government is infected. Think about it. If you can prove me wrong here I will welcome it. But seeing as how both Democrats and Republicans merge government with corporations, by definition, that is Fascism. Nazism is Fascism. Nazi, again, stands for National Socialists Workers Party. For those of you who are at the sheeple level, you still deserve the truth, even if you cannot handle it. So what you need to prove wrong that, considering how much money is spent by government to their crony corporations in both government contracts and bailouts what else can this be than this clear merger that is, by definition, FASCISM. Again, Fascism is Socialism. Socialism ALWAYS leads to Communism. The first step is to collapse the financial markets. Look at the writings of Marx and Engels. Again, I have proven that if the Republicans are the equals of the Nazis with the only difference being that the American people have too many guns for them to persecute gays, minorities, and their political opposition (people like me) who knows that the whole Democrat/Republican paradigm is a Marxist/Socialist scam.

What’s worse is that so many people are entitled beyond the wildest dreams of most of the rest of the world. These same ultra-entitled have never travelled beyond a 60 mile radius of their hometown. This is approaching a majority. It has to be if these people can get a large majority to really believe that a President is not elected…he/she is SELECTED. Political parties present their candidate, the people vote…but the electorate is what elects the President and they answer to nobody.

So if you are either too scared to or do not have the motivation to take 15 minutes to do the basic searches that could prove me wrong, I guess that just will decide the outcome. America was intended to be an EXPERIMENT. And where it went the rest of the world followed. So if America falls, the rest of the world will fall to these Marxists, step by step but nearly like Dominoes.

I have finally fully entered the mind of these people….and it is a very dark and lonely place. But they are dedicated to their cause…I will give them that. They work in 50 and 100 year cycles in some cases.

All you have to do is just prove me wrong if you think I’m wrong and then I can go back to sleep with you. As I said, I’d be the crazy one if I didn’t illustrate the lies and the depth of deception. After all, when someone lies to you over something of low value, what does that say to you about what your love and respect is worth? I’ve seen that truth come out for less than $20 in some people…I can’t even imagine how she feels…well actually I can but I block that emotion by disallowing the imagination to jump.